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Commercial Property Valuers Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and Sussex

Property Valuation

Even the simplest capital or rental valuation requires detailed attention. After the property site survey, deep analysis of relevant market conditions, experience of market deals, planning, environmental and land law, we give you an accurate and accountable  valuation.  We have PI cover for £2,000,000 allowing us to comfortably value most buildings. Valuation, quite simply, underpins all of what we do.

SIPP Pension Fund & Lending

Does your SIPP feel neglected? We are critically aware that SIPP or SAPP pension holders often let the grass grow under their feet. We are committed to ensuring our clients get best advice to maintain current valuations, in order to maximise leverage within their funds. We act for most leading trustees including James Hay and Xaffinity.


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The Red Book

All valuations for specific purposes including dilapidations and  lending must be carried out in accordance with RICS Valuation Professional Standards or "The Red Book". As registered valuers we comply with all mandatory elements to ensure the highest professionalism.

Valuation for taxation / probate

We value for Captial Gains and Inheritance Tax Act purposes and special rules apply. You must take early advice because taxation law allow for different treatment of your holdings and portfolios. Do not get caught out through the wrong assumptions. Email us for more information.

Valuation for matrimonial purposes

Portfolio appointments are regularly received either as party or joint expert witness cases where the value of an estate is needed. Our experience of all commercial and residential sectors is useful to provide a simple and one stop valuation service to assist cases.

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